2017 Featured Artist Schedule

The Asheville Urban Landscape Project brings professional and emerging artists together to pain “en plein air.” We meet every Tuesday in locations around Buncombe County. Our Featured Artist presentations will be every 3 weeks, between March 28 and October 26. The Featured artist will share their approach and philosophy and give a brief demonstration of their painting technique. Each artist then chooses their own spot nearby to paint. The group comes back together after a few hours to talk and show one another their paintings. Artists who attend the demo are responsible for their own transportation and for bringing their own supplies. All mediums welcome.

  • March 28 • Julyan Davis • Oil Painting

    Having completed his B.A. in painting and printmaking in London, Davis traveled to the South on a painting trip that was also fueled by an interest in the history of Demopolis, Alabama and its settling by Bonapartist exiles. His newest work is interpreting traditional American ballads through the contemporary South.
  • April 18 • Aaron Johnson • Oil Painting • Depot St. River Arts District
    “I’m a painter from Jonesville NC and I’ve always loved to draw. I was inspired to pursue art as a living after receiving the book The Art of Star Wars, Episode II – Attack of the Clones as a gift. A turning point for me was when I saw my first John Singer Sargent painting in person. It was a powerful experience and solidified my resolve to learn to paint with oil and watercolor. My goal was — and still is — to create work that makes others feel the way I felt looking at that painting.”
  • May 23 • Ann Vasilik • Watercolor
    To “see” with excitement and passion, I strive to have something distinctive to say about my personal vision. I enjoy the bold use of color and brushwork to achieve an enhanced space and light creating a heightened realism. I reach outward for my work rather than inward, but have a profound inward joy of seeing and painting as expressed in the style and spirit of my work.” annart.vasilik.com
  • May 30 • Peggy Root • Oil
    Peggy Root grew up in Florida and North Carolina. She studied at Ringling School of Art and Design, and studied figure painting and anatomy at Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Peggy has spent the last 40 years painting the landscape of the Eastern United States. www.peggyroot.com
  • June 20 • Brennen McElhaney • Acrylic
    In 2005, Brennen and his family, relocated from California to Asheville, North Carolina where Brennen works as a professional artist, illustrator, and art director. Brennen is a signature member and president of the Western North Carolina Plein Air Painters group and is a strong advocate for the arts in the Asheville art community. bmcelhaney.com
  • July 11 • Tebbe Davis • Oil
    Tebbe Davis is celebrated for his landscapes and the emotional texture of his paintings, focusing primarily on the interaction of the viewer with the environment. His use of color texture and composition in each scene conveys the intense beauty the artist perceives, inviting the viewer to explore a world not far from their everyday existence … as an inner journey of the soul. tebbeart.com
  • August 1 • Jeremy Sams • Acrylic
    Jeremy’s personal inspirations come mostly from the play of light and atmosphere and their effects on objects and landscapes. His favorite subjects are the rolling hills, mountains, and waterways of the east coast, and certain special arrays of trees and meadows. www.jeremysams.com
  • August 22 • Scott Boyle • Oil
    North Carolina landscape artist Scott Boyle is a visual explorer, a promoter of plein air painting, and the founder of the North Carolina Plein Air Painters, which organizes numerous outdoor painting events around the state each year. “Painting with small sketches outdoors is the best way to explore the landscape.” Scott backpacks with his painting gear to capture the visual drama at high elevations. www.scottboyleart.com
  • September 12 • Lindesay Harkness • Pastel
    Lindesay Harkness grew up in England where she developed an affinity for English countryside, gardens and wildflowers. Her work reflects her relationship to the Boston School artists, who are known for their good draftsmanship, strong light effects and impressionist color. “When I was offered the opportunity to study full time with Paul Ingbretson I abandoned my post-doctoral fellowship and began a life-transforming apprenticeship.” She is best known for her Still Lifes, but also enjoys portraits and landscapes, all in pastel. www.lindesayharkness.com
  • October 2 • Deborah Squier • Pastel
    In a blend of realism and impressionism, Squier creates an intimate interpretation of the landscape around her. Her luminous, atmospheric paintings capture the subtle light, time of day and tonal shifts in both color and value. “Our relationship with the natural world is constant and profound. I am ever grateful for the transcendent quality of life afforded by these ancient mountains. It is my hope that as we cultivate our awareness of the complex and essential connection with Nature, we can begin to heal the earth and ourselves.” deborahsquier.com
  • October 24 • Richard Oversmith • Oil
    Richard’s purpose in painting is to provoke the viewer to interact with his pieces. His paintings are his voice, and stroke by stroke, he composes a whole that relates his vision. He strives to achieve a mood in every painting through the use of such visual stimuli as color, edges, value and drawing. He allows the setting to speak to him, creating only as many brushstrokes as are needed for the viewer’s eyes to understand and connect. richardoversmith.com