2017 Featured Artist Schedule

The Asheville Urban Landscape Project brings professional and emerging artists together to pain “en plein air.” We meet every Tuesday in locations around Buncombe County. Our Featured Artist presentations will be every 3 weeks, between March 28 and October 26. The Featured artist will share their approach and philosophy and give a brief demonstration of their painting technique. Each artist then chooses their own spot nearby to paint. The group comes back together after a few hours to talk and show one another their paintings. Artists who attend the demo are responsible for their own transportation and for bringing their own supplies. All mediums welcome.

  • March 28 • Julyan Davis • Downtown Marshall • Oil Painting
    In the alley behind Main. St. near the old Jail.

    Having completed his B.A. in painting and printmaking in London, Davis traveled to the South on a painting trip that was also fueled by an interest in the history of Demopolis, Alabama and its settling by Bonapartist exiles. His newest work is interpreting traditional American ballads through the contemporary South.
  • April 18 • Aaron Johnson • Oil Painting
    “I’m a painter from Jonesville, North Carolina, and I’ve loved to draw for as long as I can remember. I was inspired to pursue art as a living after receiving the book The Art of Star Wars, Episode II – Attack of the Clones as a gift. A turning point for me was when I saw my first John Singer Sargent painting in person. It was a powerful experience and solidified my resolve to learn to paint with oil and watercolor. My goal was — and still is — to create work that makes others feel the way I felt looking at that painting.”