Summer 2019

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Following is up-coming Schedule for Spring thru Fall 2019
… note: new meeting day will be Thursdays starting in April.

The Asheville Urban Landscape Painters bring professional and emerging artists together to paint “en plein air.” We meet every Thursday in locations in and around Asheville. Our Featured Artist presentations will be once a month from April to October. Each Featured artist will choose their own spot to paint. They will share their approach and philosophy and give a brief demonstration of their painting technique and then continue painting. You may stay and watch, ask questions or take off and paint on your own. The group comes back together after a few hours to talk and show one another their paintings.
Artists who attend the demo are responsible for their own transportation and for bringing their own supplies. All mediums welcome.

Below are listed, by month, our featured artists with information about each and examples of their work. We also get involved with other activities in the greater Asheville area, so check out our Calendar for Up-Coming Events!

All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise indicated. Donations always welcome to support the work of AULP

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 Following is Monthly Featured Artist List for the Up-Coming Season



APRIL 4,  2019

Ben HamburgerOil

Artist Ben Hamburger in his Chapel Hill studio 2019.

Paint-Out Location: French Broad River Park, 508 Riverview Dr, Asheville, NC 28806, USA (map)

Painter, socially engaged artist, and educator, Ben Hamburger is driven by art’s potential to unite and find meaning in complex situations. Based in North Carolina, Hamburger works both outdoors (en plein air) and in-studio, and is known for his bold brushwork and high-contrast paintings depicting a wide range of subject matter.

Hamburger regularly facilitates workshops and has taught in schools, universities, cultural institutions, and nonprofit organizations around the United States, as well as Bolivia, Thailand, and India.

Hamburger holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from Eckerd College and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Community Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). In 2018, Hamburger was the recipient of an Orange County Arts Council Artist Grant and his work was awarded First Place in Orange County’s annual Plein Air Painting Event. Hamburger ’s work has been exhibited internationally in numerous group and solo exhibitions and is part of the permanent collection of the City of New Orleans, Tulane Medical School and private collections around the world.

Please see his website for contact information.

Questions for the Artist

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a plein air painter?
My ability to simplify a scene into shapes of light and dark quickly and effectively.

What are three tips that you have gained that have made a difference in your painting?
1. Work thin to establish the image before using thick paint.
2. A good notan is the foundation for a good painting.
3. You can paint plein air using simple acrylic under-paintings, then oil on top.

What are you working to improve upon?
Color- While I think in terms of value first, I am always working on ways of diversifying the ways I see, understand, and use color to make my paintings stronger and more exciting.

“Finleys Shed” 14×18

“Foreground Trees” 12×9

“Gorge Sunrise” 11×14



MAY 16,  2019

Richard OversmithOil

Paint-Out Location:  Wild Cat Ridge Peony Farm in Clyde

At this event, Chef Ricardo (owner of the farm) is offering us a lunch for $25.  RSVP required by April 30th for the lunch. 
Quiche Lorraine
Organic spring mix salad, cherry tomatoes, red onion, white balsamic vinaigrette
Homemade brownies
Iced tea or water
Price $20.00  Tax: $1.40  Service charge $ 4.00   
Total: $25.40 per person
Wine will also be available by the glass @ $5.00
Carpooling can be arranged via our Facebook group. 

Richard received formal training in Fine Art and Illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While at Kendall he was invited to study at the Royal College of Art in London, England. There he gained experience in plein air painting and found direction in his work as an oil painter. He graduated from Kendall College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1995 and moved back to his home state of North Carolina to pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist.

The natural beauty of Western North Carolina has proven to offer infinite inspiration for Richard’s impressionistic landscapes. From rolling mountains to abundant waterfalls, the majestic Biltmore Estate to a simple farm scene, this region evokes the artist’s muse. Richard finds inspiration not only at home but in his many travels. He has painted all over the USA and has taken several trips overseas to France and Italy. Whether at home or abroad, Richard surrounds himself in the elements of the scene while painting, in true “en plein air” fashion. In the studio, his sense of vision and mood guide him to produce still life’s ranging from the classic to the imaginative.

Richard’s purpose in painting is to provoke the viewer to interact with his pieces. His paintings are his voice, and stroke by stroke, he composes a whole that relates his vision. Richard works in oil on linen, a medium compatible with the passion he puts into his creation. He strives to achieve a mood in every painting through the use of such visual stimuli as color, edges, value and drawing. He has derived his style from the lifelong study of past masters, the influence of contemporary painters he admires, and elements that have evolved from deep within himself. He allows the setting to speak to him, creating only as many brushstrokes as are needed for the viewer’s eyes to understand and connect.

Please see his website for contact information.   Richard Oversmith Fine Art

Questions for the Artist

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a plein air painter?
Color and capturing light.

What are three tips that you have gained that have made a difference in your painting?
1. Paint from life as much as possible.
2. Find and painting the big shapes and punctuate with smaller shapes.
3. Squint to find the big shapes.

What are you working to improve upon? 
Using the underlying abstract design that makes up a great painting.

October Mountain Farm

Rolling Vineyards

Winter Cows



JUNE 6,  2019

Bee AdamsAcrylic

Paint-Out Location:  JuneBug Retro Resort.

From iconic local landmarks to tobacco barns, florals, and abstracts, the artist creates signature works that are masterfully executed in exuberant colors. “I do love color and use it freely in my paintings. I like keeping my paintings fresh and exciting and use a variety of mediums in that process,” she says. Whatever her subject, she is fearless in her interpretations. “My paintings aren’t careful architectural renderings, but vibrant celebrations that allow the viewer to encounter the familiar anew.”

Prior to relocating to Asheville six years ago, Bee was active in the Denver art scene for over 40 years, including solo showings at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. She also lived in Brussels where she “took particular joy in capturing the intricate buildings throughout Europe with quick sketches.” Bee’s work currently can be found at Asheville Gallery of Art. She also welcomes scheduled visits to her studio in East Asheville.

Please see her website for contact information.  Bee Adams

Questions for the Artist

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a plein air painter?
I like to be bright and bold and keep my paintings loose. I challenge myself to make each painting exciting. I work fairly quickly which works well outdoors.

What are three tips that you have gained that have made a difference in your painting?
1. Bringing the viewer into the painting with something in the foreground and creating space with hard and soft edges.
2. Color is at its brightest when it comes out of the tube.
3. Don’t create boring art.

What are you working to improve upon?
I am always learning more about color, especially how one color relates to another.
I want to stay loose and not get caught up in details and STOP while a painting is still fresh.

Pack Square Color 16×20

The Old Farmhouse 16×20

Vintage Trailers



JULY  2019

Sandra MooreWatercolor

Paint-Out Location:  Blue Ridge Day Lily Farm in Alexander, NC

Sandra Brugh Moore graduated from West Virginia University with BA in Art Education. After teaching in West Virginia she moved with her family to North Carolina from Western Maryland where she grew up. Moving to North Carolina she came with the goal of learning to capture the moods of the mountains. Western North Carolina provides her with a never ending source of paintings materials as the seasons come and go. Many of her subjects are found in her own backyard. Through the years she has won awards for her work. One was the Best West Virginia Landscape of a Plein air watercolor painting. Another award for a pen and ink drawing was for First Place in the drawing category awarded to her by Jamie Wyeth.

Sandra teaches Watercolor Painting and has taught Drawing in the North Carolina Community College System and holds workshops and gives demonstrations in the Western North Carolina area. Creating Pen and Ink drawings reveals Sandra’s love of drawing. Most of her pen and ink drawings deal with homes and historically significant architecture. She created drawings for the Carl Sandburg House in Flat Rock. North Carolina. Many years ago The Historical Biltmore Village Museum commissioned her to render drawings of important buildings from historic photographs in their collection to use as note cards. Other ink drawings have been imprinted on Fenton Glass Bells for collector items. Recently Sandra is experimenting with combining her pen and ink with her watercolors creating Meditative designs. Her main focus is on painting in the great outdoors. The remarkable variety of light provides this landscape artist with a lifetime of subject matter. She is a Mom of two grown children and a Nana which makes her life full and very busy.

Artists Statement: Light is constantly changing in the landscape. My paintings are my response to those fleeting moments of light. Watercolor is a medium of constant change. I paint in layers, using the inherent transparency to depict the transitions between light and dark, sky and land, clouds and air.

Her work can be seen at the Asheville Gallery of Art, 82 Patton Ave, Asheville NC and at Trackside Studios 375 Depot Asheville.

Please see her website for contact information.  Sandra Brugh Moore Art

Questions for the Artist

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a plein air painter?
I love being outdoors. The challenge of creating a painting before the light changes makes me focus in and concentrate on what is before me. I bring the skills I have learned from previous Plein air painting sessions to the painting I am working on . I love the feel of my feet on the ground and the world around me. When I do studio work I understand and know from memory the hidden colors that are not found in photographs.

What are three tips that you have gained that have made a difference in your painting?
1. I try to choose a subject to paint that is unique to the area where I am painting.
2. I establish a transparent under painting that locks in the shadows and tints the lightest areas of the painting. This way I am not chasing the shadows so I can concentrate on adding the local color.
3. I try to paint very loose and slowly tighten up as the painting progresses.

What are you working to improve upon?
I want to capture the feeling and energy of where I paint. Also I want to get the colors and values right the first time and not feel I have to rework the painting to make it work.

Sandburg Garden

Antique Car Museum

Peony Garden



AUGUST  2019

Kelly Lanning PhippsPastel

Paint-Out Location: Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site
For more info


I’ve had a love of drawing my whole life. My first subject was my beloved horse, and I began doing illustration work in high school. I didn’t start painting until my early twenties, when I met the plein air artist, Linda Cheek. We became fast friends and she gave me my first set of pastels. She taught me how to paint en plein air and that began a love of plein air painting and painting from life in general. We became signature members of the Western North Carolina Plein Air Painters.

In the mid 2000’s I took several years to further my study of art and I began studying Classical Drawing and Picture Making. I worked with charcoal, shape and values for two and a half years before I began to paint again. This time really gave me the drawing confidence I needed to take my seeing and my work to the next level. Since then, in addition to my landscapes, I’ve also enjoyed still life and portrait painting. I’ve been represented by Portraits, Inc. since 2010 and I complete commissioned portraiture in my gallery and studio in Hendersonville. I also teach drawing and landscape painting workshops. I’m also a member of The Appalachian Pastel Society.

Please see her website for contact information.  Kelly Lanning Phipps

Questions for the Artist

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a plein air painter?
I feel that my greatest strengths are my drawing and my familiarity with the pastel medium.As is the case with most artist’s, my art is about the pursuit of truth and beauty that is abstract. Poetry without words. A meditation. Painting from life is the perfect place to practice this meditation. This space where time expands, and glimpses of something so beautiful and true is witnessed. All we need to receive this is an open and grateful heart. Because of this, there are those who paint, and there are those who receive our work. My hope is that this energy, this love is shared with and received by the viewer. They participate with me in what I witnessed. They too can see the Art.

What are three tips that you have gained that have made a difference in your painting?
The best tips I can give any plein air painter is to keep in mind the idea of big areas or “masses” in your painting. Trust the process of construction. You have got to draw the tree before you hang leaves on it. And you must compose. When one is first learning to paint, one needs the desire and the challenge to paint not just any tree, but that tree. But an ideal landscape is very rare. That is why I feel a student should learn drawing and composition in the studio where light is controlled, and things sit still. After that, he can go out into the landscape, with the desire to honor the landscape, but to make a painting, a work of art. Always remember, your making Art. Reserve the slavery of likeness for portrait painting. Joy will be your greatest aid in your journey as an artist. And don’t let discouragement win. The artist is more important than the art. You will learn and live to paint another day. It’s all a process. Your artist friends will be one of your greatest gifts in life. Cherish them, and enjoy the journey together.

What are you working to improve upon?
I’m always working to paint with confidence and style, without acculturation. The greatest compliment I could receive for my work, or I could give any work, is that it is sincere.

Biltmore Cypress

Biltmore Spring

The Place I love




Edward MorrisOil

Paint-Out Location: TBD

Edward Morris is an artist whose style is rooted in representational painting and realism.

Over the past several years, his work has appeared:
ArtScape 2016, 2017 and 2018 – Arts Council of Henderson County
AAPL 88th Grand National Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, NYC
Featured in James Gurney’s Art Blog about sketching
Painting published in “International Artists Magazine” in an article
about creating glow in painting

He is a member of the Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, Arts Council of Henderson County, Asheville Urban Landscape Painters and a signature member of the Western North Carolina Plein Air Painters.  

Artist Statement:
I strive for the selective use of values, colors and strategic accents that can delight and stimulate the viewer so a scene may appear to be truer to the spirit of the subject and seem to be more real than a purely photographic reproduction.  I humbly try to have my paintings be alive with tactile brushwork and atmospheric lighting that seems to breathe.

A strictly detailed copy of anything, whether it is nature or a photograph of nature say nothing about the painter, his relationship to his art or to his life and environment.

Please see his website for contact information.  Eddie Morris

Questions for the Artist

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a plein air painter?
To be able to see the values as they are in the scenery.

What are three tips that you have gained that have made a difference in your painting?
1. Learn to see so you can learn to paint better.
2. Make an effort to improve your vision and craft.
3. Work from life as often as you can..

What are you working to improve upon? 
Learning to see color as value using the prismatic palette method.

Cool Morning

Morning Sun

Will Henry Stevens Bridge



OCTOBER 3,  2019

Lisa BlackshearOil

Paint-Out Location: TBD

In her award winning oil paintings Lisa Blackshear explores the landscapes and cityscapes of Asheville North Carolina. Her thick impastos, kinetic brush strokes, and vibrant color palette evoke the feel of air and sunshine. Painting on location allows Blackshear, deaf in one ear, to absorb her surroundings with her eyes, brain and hands.
“First I paint the subject in bright colors–the colors of light and shadow. I think of this under-painting as the spirit lurking behind reality.”
With a BA in Studio Arts from the University of Minnesota, Lisa pursued an illustration career in New York City for many years.  After moving to Asheville she founded the Asheville Urban Landscape Project (before handing it over to more capable hands!)   She has exhibited her impressionist oil landscapes at Asheville’s Refinery Creator Space, Black Mountain Center for the Arts, and the Weizenblatt Art Gallery in Mars Hill, among other locations. She has a permanent installation at Woolworth Walk, and her work can be seen online at

Please see her website for contact information.  Lisa Blackshear Fine Art

Questions for the Artist

What do you feel is your greatest strength as a plein air painter?
My greatest strength as a plein air painter is perseverance. I enjoy getting outside and painting, so I persist!

What are three tips that you have gained that have made a difference in your painting?
1. Do a monochrome underpainting to establish the “cut of the light”.
2. Paint the light and atmosphere, not local color.
3. Follow the rules until intuition takes over, then just make it look real!

What are you working to improve upon?
I’m always trying to improve upon creating the illusion of light and atmosphere.

Bench Azalea Garden

Sunlit Lupine, Biltmore Garden

Tulip Extravaganza 11×14″ Oil on Linen