Winter Schedule

Announcing Featured Artist line-up for 2018:

April: Cheryl Keefer – May: Gary Cooley – June: Anne Bonnyman – July: Terrilynn Dubreuil – August: Jim Carson – September: Karen Chambers – October: Mitch Kolbe

Check back for more information about the artists and location of the Paint Out session!


The Asheville Urban Landscape Project brings professional and emerging artists together to pain “en plein air.” We meet every Tuesday in locations around Buncombe County. During the winter months, when the weather is unpredictable, we schedule mostly indoor events. Each Tuesday of the month has a different focus & that one fifth Tuesday in the winter is going to be devoted to an artist’s swap meet!

Following is a list of what each Tuesday in the month will bring:


1st Tuesday – Sketch Crawl

A sketch crawl is a series of sketches in different locations, usually moving along to a new spot about every 30 minutes. Of course you are free to set your own pace and alter order of locations or even locations and still join us at the end to share what you accomplished during your crawl. A schedule of locations is loosely planned so that you may begin and move around as you like and still have a sense of where the group is.

2nd Tuesday – Painting the Clothed Model

Painting the clothed model sessions will be held at the Murphy Oakley Center. The start at 10 am and go to 12:30. The charge for model fee is $5. No turps are allowed as many people are sensitive to them.

3rd Tuesday – An Inside Venue

This will be a place that gets us out of the elements on a cold day. Our favorite place is the Farmer’s Market. Their sheds are both colorful, interesting & warm. Also, if the day is nice, the outside areas have lots of interesting painting opportunities. Watch calendar for where we’ll be on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

4th Tuesday – Talk About ….

Each 4th Tuesday we’ll have someone to talk about an aspect of the painting process that will be of help to anyone in the group. Our focus will vary, so check the Calendar to see what the months topic will be.

5th Tuesday (January 31st) – Art Swap Meet

Bring any art supplies that you don’t want, need, was a mistake buying or you have moved away from. You can also swap your art work. Have fun exchanging “stuff” and sharing ideas.