4.10.18 Cheryl Keefer–Asheville Botanical Garden

A bit cold, a bit wet (from previous day’s rain), but a clear sunny day for our first paint out of the season with Cheryl Keefer leading the way. We were even joined by a large group of students from A.C. Reynolds High School.

Cheryl Keefer is a contemporary impressionist whose work reflects moody landscapes and urban scenes. “I paint en plein air to study light and atmospheric effects first hand.  When painting from life I want to capture the feeling of place and time.  Outdoor studies are often used as references for painting larger studio works.  Each time I paint I find a deeper appreciation for the Creator of this world which I am a part.”  

Keefer holds degrees in art history and art education from The University of Alabama in Birmingham, and graduate painting from Virginia Commonwealth Universiity.

Please see her website for contact information.  www.CherylKeefer.com

Short Video


Gallery of images from April 10th


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