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About Rich Nelson

By Sue Dolamore
I am a portrait and gallery artist residing with my wife Kim and our three children in the mountains of North Carolina.
Though portraiture is a major part of my career, I also love painting landscape, still life, and figurative gallery pieces. I am endlessly fascinated by people, places, and things and consider it a privilege and a challenge to capture some aspect of their essence on canvas.

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Featured Artist Jo Ridge Kelley at French Broad River Park, Tuesday, October 4th

Artist Statement
“I have only a desire to paint what is my own – wholly and completely from within – along with the offerings of the earth and her daily miracles of color and light. When I begin a painting, I take inspiration from a beautiful light, color, form or texture and then continue working through observation. But the painting soon takes on life of its own. More often, I end up choosing exaggerated and unexpected color relationships and compositions that reflect my emotional response more so than what I’m seeing in front of me. I find it much more satisfying to be guided as much by my imagination and memory as my eyes.”

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Who is Robert Simone?

robert-simone-2By Sue Dolamore
Robert Simone is an award winning plein air painter. He recently won 3rd Prize Overall in Mountain Maryland Plein Air Festival, The Artists’ Choice Award in Plein Air Easton’s Tighlman Island Competition and 2nd Prize in Solomon’s Island Plein Air Festival’s Paint The Town competition (this was a timed 4 hour painting competition).
Robert supported himself through years of intense study with positions that kept him close to nature and near the sea. Now his distinctive blend of sensual colors, confident brush strokes and captivating light portray the emotions associated with the scenes he loves. He paints on location so that the landscape itself will inform the paintings he creates. Most days will find him with his easel at water’s edge pursing his passion. It’s this experience of the elements that makes his landscapes and seascapes in oil so highly collected.
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Our Featured Artist Cathyann Burgess Working with Pastels en Plein Air

by Sue Dolamore
“It matters little what I paint. It matters much that I paint. A certain glance, attitude, light or mood communicates with me strong enough to get me motivated to speak back. Then I go to my studio and pick up chalk or brush. It is there at the easel where I find contentment, simple yet abundant with memories and moments I wish to record.” C.L.Burgess

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Colleen Webster – Keeping it Simple

By Sue Dolamore

Colleen Webster "Sunset Ablaze"

Colleen Webster “Sunset Ablaze”

Colleen studied art in college in the 90’s. There she received the foundations of drawing and painting but had not done any plein air work. At the time, this traditional form of so many masters was considered passé. Then in the late 90’s she made the acquaintance of Linda Cheek, who invited her to paint outside. ( Her passion was ignited and she spent time with Linda, painting and learning the basics and nuances of plein air painting. From the beginning, there was clearly something about plein air work that was excitingly alive. Colleen could see this in Linda’s work and wanted to know how to capture THAT! One notable piece of advice from Linda was “keep it simple”. After many years of practice, those techniques became second nature and Colleen found herself increasingly relaxed. This made way for expansiveness.

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Monique Jutras Carr

By Sue Dolamore
Oil Painting by Monique Jutras Carr
Monique Carr is a modern impressionist oil painter. She grew up in Montreal, Canada, traveled in the Caymen Islands and ended up settling a little over 15 years ago in East Tennessee. After 25 years as a graphic artist, she took the leap to become a full time oil painter in 2009.

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