Mark Harmon

Painting from Asheville Botanical Gardens by Mark Harmon

Painting from Asheville Botanical Gardens by Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon was recently featured in Mountain Xpress. You can read about him by following this link.

I also spoke with him recently and have a little to add that might be particularly interesting to our group members. I always like to give you a little idea of what unique information you might glean from our demo artists.

Mark enjoys plein air painting as an opportunity to extend his attention span for an outdoor scene. He also takes pleasure in experiencing the materials of an artist. He likes the athletic aspect of painting as he moves and feels the excitement of trying to “get it”. He has no set approach. He has many techniques and tools to choose from after decades of serious study and practice but in any given moment, he is open and receptive to a multitude of possibilities. He enjoys the thrill that lies in the uncertainty of the process. While he likes to be faithful to what he sees, he is also takes pleasure in accidental marks and letting the nature of the paint itself mimic what he is seeing. He sometimes blends colors on a palette knife or brush. He’ll use the chaos that sometimes manifests on his palette. He refers to himself as the master of the dirty brush. He likes to use what’s there and he’ll usually finish in one session.

He’s recently been to Cuba and is looking forward to returning. He is planning group trips for artists to both Mexico and Cuba in the future. If you are interested in either of these countries, ask him about it. He has some great connections in both locations and is planning two very special trips.